Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After Christmas

>I'm busy rearranging our tiny apartment. We have accumulated a lot of new fun toys for Logan and well, we barely have 800 square feet for all of us and our things, oh yeah and the dogs too. ;) But guess what? That's gonna change reallllllly soon! More on that later...

I'm having a hard time writing something decent. We had a great Christmas weekend, but our evening did not end how I would have liked and sadly, I'm still trying to run that conversation through my head without feeling bitter about it. We were able to wake up Christmas morning with my parents and B's mom at her place. We had yummy French Bread and sipped on hot coffee. It was lovely. We Logan waited patiently to open his presents and boy is he spoiled! I only had to return two things today, one which had a crack in the wood and another which we already had. After Logan went down for a nap and all the morning festivities came to a close, I took a nap. It felt great! Then B and I went to the movies and saw Black Swan. It was AWESOME! Logan got to spend some quality one on one time with his Grandma and I know they both loved that. Then we headed up to my parents house for Christmas dinner. Dinner was super yummy and my mom made excellent green bean casserole, my fav! Later we watched The Big Lebowski. Aside from a sour conversation I had, we did exactly what we wanted on our first Christmas together.

FYI Logan's cough is still hanging around. Not getting better, not really getting worse either. It's frustrating.

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