Monday, September 30, 2013

I Have a Preschooler

My sweet Logan is now in preschool. Um...where did the last 3.5 years go?! My baby is now an active preschooler with his own thoughts, opinions, questions and discoveries. His starting preschool was something we were hoping would happen but as of the end of July, we had just assumed that it probably wouldn't work out based on our schedules. Then a few days before I was due back to work, I finally received word that my schedule was changing, one in which I would have the mornings open to take Logan to preschool. And not just any preschool...Logan is going to the preschool where his Lolly, my mom, is the director.

We have always known that Logan is really smart. I mean, what parent doesn't think their kid is smart? With Logan, however, he has always been into very technical, mechanical, electrical workings. Lights, erector sets, cords, putting things together, taking things apart, etc. He has exceptional hand-eye coordination and we have done everything we can to help foster this interest in him. He has many different light toys. B lets him help him when he's out working in the garage or putting something together. Logan is always asking how something works or letting us know when something isn't working or when lights are burnt out. ALL THE TIME. His curiosity is overflowing! So how do we foster this? And how do we encourage him to be more social and learn from his environment? Answer: preschool.

He goes to a play-based preschool. All their activities are play-based with many different learning tools integrated. For example, coloring the letter of their first name. Logan is slow going with his letters right now. He knows the alphabet well but doesn't quite recognize sounds and the look of each letter yet. However he can count backwards! I swear...left brained child I have here! The best part is that he is with 19 other kiddos which gives him a lot more opportunities to be social with a more diverse group of kids. His home daycare is great; but 6 other kids that you've known for a year doesn't exactly give enough socialization all the time.

Logan is excited to go each week. We got him a new backpack. He has his own cubby where he can hang up his things. He loves the sensory table, as that is where I usually end up saying goodbye to him. I just know this is going to be great for him. I cannot wait to see where he is next month with everything.

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