Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I said Yes

Since having Evie, I have had the natural challenge of dividing my time between not one but two kids. I'm 4 months into this mom of two gig and it's getting better, but I do certainly find myself wondering if I'm spending enough time with Logan and if I'm saying yes enough. When I get home from work, he is still awake. It's 8pm and I make sure I say hi to Evie and B, but then I'm all over Logan. I want hugs and kisses and snuggles. He is very receptive of this, often wanting the same kind of love and attention.

Over the weekend, I told him we could make chocolate chip cookies, something we have only done a few times together and it had been FOREVER since I had baked anything. Then the day got away from me; I had been up all night with Evie, I needed a nap, I had to pick up the house before my parents came over to watch Breaking Bad and before I knew it the day was done. It was time for him to go to bed. He asked about making cookies and I knew Monday was out. I had a full day of work and school (a FULL 15 HOUR day, to be exact). I didn't even get to see him go to bed I came home so late. So Tuesday morning as we were getting ready to go to preschool and work, he asked about making cookies. I told him we had to wait until I got home that night. He was upset and I felt terrible. But we had to wait. No time.

Yesterday on my drive home I called B and asked if Logan had asked about making cookies with me. He hadn't yet and B was thinking we'd just forget it if he didn't mention it. I am so exhausted when I come home from work, but I was ready to make cookies if that is what Logan wanted. I walked in the door, hung up my keys, kicked off my shoes and from the basement I hear Logan say, "Mommy's Home!" and he starts straight for the stairs. He then says, "Can we make chocolate chip cookies now?" and that was it. I said yes, Logan we sure can! I could hear B laugh downstairs. We are always amazed by Logan's memory and now he is holding me accountable for the things I say to him. We have to be careful now, but I'm really glad that he is there to remind me that even when you're exhausted, baking cookies with your kid is worth every second. He had a big cookie with a glass of almond milk and went to bed late. I hope that is a memory he will cherish, as it is one I am locking away. Thank you Logan, for milk and cookies.

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