Thursday, September 5, 2013


HK nails. They are killer right now. Healthy, strong and I'm keeping them painted and filed so no chipping happens. Seriously, my nails have never been healthier. Thank you breastfeeding hormones!

Buying...time. We are just in limbo land waiting for our finances to get back to where it was. This week should be THAT week. I seriously don't know how some people live off one income. It's nearly impossible for us.

Earning...the birth junkie rep at work which, of course, is awesome! I love that there are a few other junkies out there and that we can talk all thinks birthy together.

Judging...the way I ware my hair. I really am not a fan of this length. It's too "in-between". Too short for cute buns and too long for a beachy, bob look. Grow hair grow!

Embracing...the cooler-ish almost fall weather! And when I say "cooler" I mean somewhere below 90*. And when it is above 90* I am embracing the AC I have in my house and, as of last week, in my car! Finally! Thanks to B for fixing that up for me.

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