Thursday, September 12, 2013


** I will enlighten you all on Evie's nursing strike in another post...among other things.**


I'm NEEDING an answer as to why I have daily headaches that are sometimes migraines and usually make me feel dizzy, loopy and altogether a flighty, wobbly, cranky mess. Could be the anxiety medication I take. Could be my hormones out of whack. Could be both...I will see my doctor on Monday. Can't wait.

I'm READING up on the skills and such to become a CNA. I'm already half way through the 10 week course so by the end of November I should have my state certification. I know you are all really worried about me learning how to clean bed pans and measure urine output, amiright? ;)

I'm WEARING my post-baby clothes-still. However, I think I am almost back into my pre-preg pants but if I'm really being honest I know that they really don't fit even if I squeeze them on.

I'm PICTURING what it will be like when I have a tattoo on my foot. YES, you all read that right. I am getting a tattoo soon. I'm pretty excited and nervous. My first ever...yikes!

I'm EXPECTING nothing right now. Our state is drowning in flood rains and burn-scar mudslides so I'm just praying. Praying everyone stays safe. I'm about 98% certain our house is fine. We are close to the river, but not THAT close.  The roads where my parents used to live are totally closed off. Pretty crazy.

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  1. You must be in CO too. This rain is crazy!! I'm afraid to leave the house!!


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