Tuesday, September 24, 2013

four months

This past month has gone by so fast, I really can't believe it is already September! Maybe it is because we have had unusually warm, wet weather which has made summer seem longer or maybe it's because my baby girl has gone from this tiny little newborn who just starred at us to an active and alert infant who coos and giggles. Amazing.

Evie girl is doing so well. She is an incredible baby. So many things about her are different than Logan and I often find myself thinking that I feel like a new mom all over again. The way I parent her is just different than the way I parented Logan, and I suppose that different children will do that to you. Not only do I feel more relaxed with her, but I also find her making me question more things, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. I never made it this long with Logan and every milestone we reach in that arena is new to me.

A little bit about our girl:

  • Rolls from side to side, just not all the way yet
  • Giggles and laughs when we tickle her or make silly sounds or give her raspberries on her belly
  • Notices Logan as soon as he enters a room. Just the other day she was quite upset at daycare and our provider told us that as soon as she saw him, her entire body relaxed. 
  • Reaches and grabs for things
  • Puts things in her mouth
  • Has noticed her toes, reaches for them but has yet to grab them
  • Lifts head when on her belly
  • Weighs 11.10 pounds and is 24 3/4 inches tall--peanut!
Overall, Evie is doing great. She has had her 3rd cold now and I guess that is just a product of having an older brother and going to daycare. Despite this, however, she is still growing and learning so much! I love having a little girl. I spend a lot of time deciding what she should wear and which bow to put on. Yesterday, I planned her outfit around the baby legs she is wearing in the photo above. Then she soiled it quickly! Oh well. I told B we should start dressing her in the "change of clothes" outfit first, that way she will be in her real outfit for the day. ;) Silly girl.

Mothering a daughter is also different. The connection I feel with her is beyond anything I can even put into words. As I type this I can just feel my heart expand. It's a feeling unlike any other. And mothering her and her brother is also more than words. Watching those two together melts my heart more than anything. He loves her unconditionally. Today, when I dropped him off at preschool, I saw for the first time his protectiveness over her. A little girl in his class came up to us and said hi to her. Logan immediately put his arms around her and held her close until it was time to go into class. Such a sweet, loving, protective brother!

Of course, an update post is not quite an update without lots of photos....enjoy!


  1. Cute pictures! I always wondered if being a mom to a boy is different than a girl (all my friends have the same sex kids!)

  2. Cute pictures! I always wondered if being a mom to a boy is different than a girl (all my friends have the same sex kids!)


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