Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Weekend

This has been a nice, busy weekend. Saturday Logan went to the rodeo with his grandparents so B and I had a few hours to ourselves. We attempted to paint the nursery but a) ran out of one of the colors and b) didn't like the 2nd color once it was on the wall. So we stopped with 3/4 of one wall painted. Then I spent over an hour picking up the house while B went to pick up Logan. I so over-did it and I knew I would be hurting today. We had our dearest friends come and stay with us. We had not seen them in almost 3 months since they moved into the mountains over an hour away. It was so nice to just relax, catch up and enjoy spending time together. Our boys had a blast playing together and I failed in taking one photo of their entire trip, but I guess that goes to show how must more focused I was on just enjoying ourselves. I even had a tiny glass of wine AND stayed up until midnight. Crazy, I'm telling you!

Today we hung out most of the day just letting the boys play. The weather is being weird. It was beautiful this morning and now it's getting windy and chilly and we're supposed to get snow tonight through Tuesday. I've been pushing through the pains. This new breech position is very uncomfortable. I can now recognize baby movements a lot better but man are they more painful!

And here are some photos from last weekend.

Lemon pancakes sans the poppy seeds via Pinterest. DELISH!

Best view ever!!

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