Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Physical Therapy in Pregnancy

Last week, I started going to physical therapy. I've had two sessions so far and while it is not working miracles, it is helping and relieving some pains! After weeks of horrible pelvic pain that had me bedridden about once a week after a rough day at work, I had to figure something else out. I received a referral from my midwife, made an appointment and waited. I had honestly not considered PT while pregnant as a way to relieve this pain. I've done some chiropractic care but my insurance doesn't cover it and I cannot pay out of pocket that often. After I learned that my insurance does cover PT, I was willing to try anything.

Last Monday was my first appointment. I went right after work, right after a rough, busy day of walking, sitting and standing. The muscles and ligaments in my pelvis and hips were nearly killing me. I was near tears. I checked in, filled out paper work and was soon introduced to my PT. At first, I felt like we would not click. But I quickly realized that feeling of not clicking was more of the pain coming through my emotions. As soon as she started to work on me, I was able to relax a bit and realized we actually have a lot in common and that we do, in fact, click. This "clicking" with a provider is really important to me. I cannot waste money and time with someone whom I do not feel a connection to.

I went into the appointment without any expectations. I had no idea what to expect and was just hoping I would not be doing all kinds of crazy stretching and such that would further enhance my pains. Thankfully, I have been more than surprised and happy with my sessions. Both times I have walked in, changed my clothes, and had a 30 minute massage on my hips, pelvis, inner thighs, butt and low back. Both times I have been able to just relax and let them do all the work. Who knew PT would be so nice! After the massage, we do a few gentle stretches and then we're done. Like I said, this does not make the pain go away, but it does help. I feel more sore after today's session than last time, but I think that is because she was doing some serious deep tissue massage.

I have four more sessions, once a week. As I was receiving the massage, my PT was telling me how providers for pregnant women are not very familiar with PT for related aches and pains. I certainly had no idea the first time I was pregnant. I am so thankful that I have learned about this natural, gental way to help relieve pain. I am so thankful my midwife was so encouraging of me to try this out. If you or someone you know is struggling with the normal, or more severe (like myself), pregnancy aches and pains, be sure to check out PT in your area. You want to find a female PT who is well-versed in women's health, specifically pregnant women. They also provide postpartum care to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that labor and delivery can take such a toll on.

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