Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Yesterday, after a weekend of sunshine, warmth and lovely spring weather, us Coloradoans learned that there was a "massive winter storm" heading our way and that schools will shut down, people will be stranded, so buy your milk and eggs now! Seriously, the weather folks really had no idea what said storm would bring, just that out east there was lots of wind, tornado funnels, rain, etc and that it would get cold, windy and snowy for us sometime in the middle of the night.

So we hunkered down with my parents last night to watch Michigan play, and lose (dangit!) and headed home when the snow and wind were just picking up. We thought for sure there would be 6" of snow this morning. Ummmm not the case. We got a dusting. Not even enough to make the roads bad, which is nice since I have to drive 30 min to work.

This winter storm made national headlines and I really hope it doesn't disappoint! We need the moisture so bad so we can hopefully prevent massive fires this summer. It's snowing fat flakes as I type and it was forecasted that the weather would get worse today before it got better. We shall see!

Happy Spring!

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