Thursday, April 4, 2013


So this post is separate from my weekly bump post. Whatevs. I'm late to the party anyway! lol

Logan is...

Drinking ... almond milk. We go through half a gallon in two days.

Driving ... us a little crazy! Kid can argue. Kid can throw a fit. Kid makes us crazy sometimes! ;)

Missing ... new clothes. He told me yesterday he needed new clothes. How does he know he needs new clothes?! He does need new shoes, I admit.

Obsessing ... over the dogs being in his room at night. It's his favorite thing about bed time.

I am...

Drinking ... fruity tea at night with B. He makes it for us then we watch The Walking Dead. Our version of date night, ever night!

Buying ... a new car seat soon...

Driving ... no where important lately. I swore off driving more than 30 min away from home/hospital until baby comes. That means no trips to Denver. *sigh* I guess people will have to come see me then! ;)

Missing ... Glee. I have like, 5 episodes to catch up on!

Obsessing ... over who will be crowned Christian Gray! Come on, Ian Somerhalder!! AMIRIGHT?!

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