Monday, April 29, 2013

On a Monday

I had the BEST appointment yet with my midwife this morning. I printed out our birth plan (which I will share soon) and my mom joined me. We heard a great heart beat right around 150-160. Baby is still head down but was laying kind of sideways facing the inside of my leg, but that is nothing to worry about right now. Then we sat down and went over the plan. I also like to refere to the "plan" as wishes since we both know that anything can happen and we must be flexible. We are not in control of how this baby comes into the world; only God is and I am in such a perfect state emotionally now that I have 100% trust in how this whole thing will happen. Even more so now after talking to my midwife.

Most people know that there are several differences between a midwife and an OB. In general, midwives are more hands off and OBs are more hands on. There are so many differences that I am not even going to list them, but one of the major differences is their time spent with patients. OBs get you in and out while a midwife will take more time with you. Not every midwife is like that and not every OB is in a rush, but in general, that is how most are. I have four midwives and since I am going weekly, they have been spending more time with me than before. Even so, I have always felt like I was important and the priority while I was there.

Today, birth plan in hand, I was not sure how we would discuss it. I began by just saying that it's just what we want, very similar to last time, and, so, yeah. My midwife actually read every line. She confirmed and explained different practices. Since my mom is going to be a birth partner with B, she was able to learn a lot. Thankfully, I remembered all the questions I had about a few things on the list. She spent a solid 30 minutes with us, being very thorough in her explanations of certain thins while also being very supportive of our wishes. We are all hopeful that this baby will come sooner and faster than before, as most 2nd babies do.

More good news is that I am GBS negative so unless labor begins with a bang and my water breaks, I can labor at home or where ever I am until it's time to come in. I feel so much better about my approach with this birth than last time. I had a lot of fear with Logan. I was afraid of dying, bleeding too much and dare I say it, pooing while pushing! Now, none of that worries me. I have done this before. My body has done this before. My body knows what to do and I trust it, just as much as I trust God, my providers and my awesome birth team.

I will be 37 weeks in a few days. Still a tad early, but I am ready, mentally, for this baby to come into the world. I cannot wait to feel their skin, look into their eyes, touch their head and kiss their cheeks...ahh soaking in this new life! What a trip.

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