Thursday, April 25, 2013

Currently...36 weeks!

That's right friends! The count down is ON!! I am so ready to have this baby! Ready for labor and giving birth and meeting this little fish that has been swimming around!! Be sure to place your boy or girl vote in the upper right side of the blog. We can't wait to find out if he is a she or if she is a he!!


Eating...light. My stomach has been a mess the last week or so. Seems that just about anything I eat upsets me and so I have been trying to stick with chicken noodle soup, PB&Js and lots of water.

Drinking...tons of water. And some coffee every now and then. And in my dreams? A margarita the size of my head.

Loving...the new Macklemore song Same Love. It gives me chills and even brings me to tears sometimes! I just love how pure the words are and the duo between Macklemore and the female singer is just awesome.

Dreaming...see "drinking". Last night I had a really bizarre dream that I was being induced and it was failing because baby wasn't ready. My favorite midwife was there and she was so chill about everything. That made me feel better AND the entire time she kept saying "she" Girl???

Wishing...that all this false labor would either stop or turn into something real. I never experienced this with Logan. Everyday I probably have 100 contractions that don't get more painful, but are regular and nothing happens. I go to sleep and phase them out.

Baby update:

Nothing too official this week. I had my GBS test on Monday and I'm still waiting to hear the results. I am 1cm and 50% effaced so maybe that false labor is actually doing something after all. Baby is for sure head down which was great to learn! Tons of movement, some of which is almost becoming more painful as room is really starting to get cramped in there. My swim class has been awesome. Water seems to have no affect on the contractions, which is weird to me, as I have about 5-6 in the hour that I'm in the pool. Been making some new friends and I love it! My last day at work is in 3 weeks unless baby comes before then. The nursery is no where near finished. We are getting new carpet soon and wanted to paint before that happened, but I'm not sure painting will be done in time. We have everything we need for me and baby! Just need the baby now!!


  1. Ugh I do not miss the false labor at all. I had it for months with Parker. bleh. I'm getting really excited to see what baby is. My vote is girl.

  2. I just hopped over from the Linky. Congrats on the downhill slide of your pregnancy! May is a good time to have a baby. My son (Logan!) was born last May.

  3. I voted , it's a girl!
    Thanks for following, you just gained a new follower too :)

  4. I voted for a girl- of course a boy would be awesome too! someone for logan to rough and tumble with or someone to cherish and protect! prayers for a healthy little one! xxo


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