Sunday, February 3, 2013


So here's the deal: wordpress, in it's true form, is making it VERY difficult for  me to move all my posts over to Blogger. The converter app I found is also not working out so great at the moment so until then, I have a few options.

I will start writing new posts over at blogger and link back to here and FB. If you're friends with me on FB, then you should have no problem keeping up with us. If not, then simply add our new home domain into your reader:

If the converting process proves to be more difficult than I have time for, then I will just leave this blog up for past posts and link back to the above link every so often. This is obviously not ideal, but I'm limited on options right now. I am also still working on the layout and such over at our new home, so please bare with me while I relearn how to use blogger again. I'm already excited to be writing over there again.

Happy Sunday!


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