Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Weekend Off

This weekend, I vowed to only spend time with my family. No school work and the break has been so nice! I have the rest of the week to prepare and work on a Bio lab and study for the first exam. This weekend has been refreshing and thankfully, we are all healthy!!

Friday night after work I did a newborn photo shoot for some friends who delivered on Monday. Their little girl is just perfect and precious!!

After five days on an antibiotic, Logan is about 90% recovered from his bronchitis and is able to run around and play without hacking up a lung (or his lunch). We celebrated his birthday on Saturday night with family and a few friends. It was simple and easy! I made pulled pork, coleslaw, had veggies, fruit, chips and guac! I still cannot believe that I have a three year old! And Logan finally got a much-needed haircut! This kid hates getting it done, but we have an awesome salon just for kids and it's the only place that does it right.

As you can see, I was finally able to import my posts from wordpress! The comments (I don't think) transfered but that doesn't matter. I love all your comments, but I'm just glad the posts are there. :)

And here is the 26 week bump that just keeps on growing! 14 more weeks to go!

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