Wednesday, February 6, 2013



WONDERING why we have to wait so long for his birthday party and presents. He is so into the idea of having a birthday party he's already telling every he is three years old. 

LOATHING eye ointment. He managed to catch pink eye and we have to put some cream in his eye a few times a day. He hates it. I hate doing it. 

READING nothing. But he reads at school and makes me read everything on anything: boxes of food, receipts, toys, etc.


WONDERING if this baby is a boy or a girl. Waiting is so much more fun than finding out via ultrasound, however my mind is spinning because I DO want to know. Now...but I'll wait. :)

LOATHING this season of illness. I've been fighting something very mild for a few weeks now. Sometimes it feels like it's about to get worse, then it doesn't but I still feel crappy. So annoying.

COOKING pulled pork for the party on Friday night. I am trying to this whole planinning-ahead thing. I think it's working so far.

READING school stuff. Still doing great. So glad I dropped the Stats class!

LISTENING to The Lumineers. OMG I love them!

25 weeks pregooooooo!

total weight gain: 19.5 pounds
maternity clothes? yes, but I love wearing B's tees at night.
sleep: Pretty good so far. Earlier in the week I was having a tough time falling asleep.
best moment this week: Feeling baby actually roll around, more than just the punches and jabs.
movement: Oh yes!
sex: team green!
labor signs: none, but I do think I have felt some BH tightness.
belly button in or out? getting flatter.
food cravings: ramen noodles
what i miss: Walking like a normal person. I've already got the waddle going on.
what i am looking forward to: Logan turning THREE on Friday. Whah!?


  1. The Lumineers were in my answer to Listening, too! They are amazing and wonderful and magical!

  2. I didn't know you blogged?!? Or did I..I don't remember. Either way I'm following you now on my wordpress reader.

    Hope Logan is feeling better. Pink eye is no fun. And keeping the baby's gender a surprise is the best! We didn't find out with Parker and it was amazing.

  3. I sing that Lumineers song to Loretta at night (poor dear probably hates it because my voice is soooo sub-par) but anyways, LOVE that song/them! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN! Wow, three is crazy. Get ready for a crazy year! Otto was 3 years, 2 months, when Loretta was born so your two will be super close to that age difference, anyways we LOVE the age difference. In a lot of ways they're both babies, but Logan will also get to be the Big Boy and show your little green baby how to do things and feel really important and protective. So excited for you!

  4. I love the Lumineers too, makes me miss Denver!


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