Monday, August 13, 2012

the count down is on!

A week from today I start my classes! I cannot believe it is hear already. I have been out of school for over five years...I hope that in the last five years I'm wiser and a better student! lol But really, I just want to have fun and enjoy learning. I have always loved school, despite the struggles I've had over the years. Now that I am actually going with a purpose and end goal in sight, I feel a lot more confident about how I will do.

I have started to refinish and paint an awesome secretary desk I scored at a local antique shop. Should take me about a week to finish with all the priming, painting and coating I need to do. Did all the sanding of it last night. Thank goodness for power sanders! There is no way I could stand there hand-sanding such a large piece of furniture.

I'm hoping to finish Harry Potter Book 1 this week sometime. I've loved listening to it. The reader does an incredible job of depicting each character and changing the inflections in each character's voice. He really brings the story to life, one which I have not been the biggest fan of over the years but am really enjoying now.

This weekend was great! Spent most of our time just relaxing, playing outside in the pool, and we checked out a local music fest Friday night. Last night, Logan woke up for the first time in MONTHS because he was hungry. This kid must be going through some kind of growth spurt because he is constantly eating! So we sat at the kitchen table in the soft light of the kitchen, he on my lap, as he ate turkey and cheese. Despite the wake up call, it was so nice to share those moments with my little man.

Update on my health! Things are going great! I have gained almost 10 solid pounds since last December. I feel so much better and have my diet under control. So much so that I don't even take medication for the GERD unless it's really bad, which is rare now. The most common symptom I have is nausea. I've just learned to deal with and ignore it. I feel nauseous nearly four out of seven days of the week. Almost like a pregnant person, but I'm not. I've also been able to reintroduce foods that once irritated me. Like coffee! I can have a cup in the morning and it's all good! I try not to have one every day, but when I do my body does fine.

Cheers and a happy Monday to you!

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