Tuesday, May 17, 2011

busy busy busy!

>Just here to mention that in the last two days I have spent nearly 4 hours cleaning the kitchen. For the first time ever I invested in SOS pads and OMG they have become my cleaning lifesaver! I have scrubbed the inside and outside of the stove, oven, and stove tops and it sparkles pretty like. Also, the microwave, outsides of cabinets and fridge are done. Tonight I plan to accomplish boxing up all of the dry foods we will not be needing until we're at my parents house (ha! more on that later), box all of our books, and scrub the bathtubs. By the time I'm finished it will be more than bed time.

I'd also like to note for more of a personal record that I took an anxiety pill tonight. I've been doing great all along until this week hit and I am a frantic, panicky mess. Bless B, he has been so much help and done everything I've asked. He is currently scrubbing mold spots off the walls in our bathroom. I'm so blessed! On that note, I feel mildly drunk so I may have to go back and check my work tomorrow.

Peace out lovies! Only a few more days until our move!

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