Wednesday, November 18, 2009

>29 Weeks

First and foremost: my beautiful cousin Heidi had a healthy baby BOY this morning!! Congrats love!!

Okay so no pic this week. As you can guess, I am not in the picture taking mood and will try to post one next week.

How far along? 29 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 27 pounds
Maternity clothes? all my early preg shirts are starting to have that gap at the bottom where my belly pokes out. oy.
Stretch marks? a few stretchies on the upper thighs
Sleep: I slept SO well last night! The night before: not so good.
Best moment this week: Finding out baby boy is, overall, very healthy
Movement: tons. he has a pretty predictable schedule
Food cravings: chocolate milk and strawberries
Gender: Confirmed once more the HE is a HE
Labor Signs: ug. It's too early for me to be writing this. 80% effaced
Belly Button in or out? flat.
What I miss: having a fairly worry-free pregnancy
What I am looking forward to: keeping this baby in as long as possible and our check up on Monday
Weekly Wisdom: When you're told to drink water, drink it! I went from barely drinking 32oz a day (GASP!) to 2/3 of my body weight. Let's hope I can keep that up.

Today I went back to work and it went well. My back pain is flaring up so icing that as we speak. A lovely friend/co-worker made us dinner for tonight and my heart is filled with joy! It is so wonderful to see how compassionate people can be. Not that we did not realize this before, but it is so humbling to realize how important family is and that is all you need to stay strong. We have prayed over this child and pregnancy since day one and sure those prayers increase when problems arise. But we step back and find that God already knows what is supposed to happen and to trust in His plan. It is hard, SO hard to do that. Yet we know that this baby is a gift and we both believe that he will survive, even if he comes a little early. Thanks again for all the support and prayers. This child is already so loved! God Bless you all!!

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