Thursday, June 27, 2013's Thursday again!

Well shiiii the time is just flying by right now! This always happens after a baby arrives. You wait and wait for labor to kick in, then you have a baby, and BAM she's over a month old already! WTH?! Anyway...

Logan is currently... shows with me. I'm on a massive Food Network kick right now. Maybe osmosis will kick in and I'll end up a Master Chef. Logan seems to enjoy it!

Eating...chicken nuggets, pb&j and "cheesy cheesy" quesadillas.

Drinking...chocolate almond milk. to be a gentle big brother. He has been so sweet with Evie, gaw it makes my heart happy.

I am currently...

Watching...The Killing. Just started it up on Netflix and it's alright so far.

Reading...blogs and everything breastfeeding. This experience, as I've said, has been so different. Good different.

Eating...just as much now as I was when I was pregnant. Keeping up the nutrients for the babe.

Drinking...tons of water and the other night, a margarita!! Oh it was so tasty. to be a mom of two. I'm trying to figure out how to spend more time with Logan. It's hard! So last night we walked the dogs together, just us, and then the walk ended terribly when he decided to run away from me. be three.

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