Monday, June 10, 2013

3 weeks old, time is flying!!

This always happens with life events. Leading up to the impending birth of our baby, time stood still. I watched the clock and timed contractions and woke up another day pregnant praying for labor to kick in and here we are, three weeks later and Evelyn is here! Three of the craziest weeks of our lives and Evie is growing and changing so much already.

B just went back to work. Yesterday was my first day home alone with both kids and today it's just me and Evie watching Bridezillas, doing laundry and organizing cloth diapers. Having B home was such a great, priceless blessing. He and I are both super bummed he is back to work.

Yesterday was rough. Logan had a hard time with the lack of attention I could give him. We are all still adjusting to this new way of life and I hate that my attention is now clearly divided. It will get better only because I know it cannot get worse! ;)

I am pretty anti-schedule and routine with a newborn. I feed her when she's hungry, she sleeps when she's tired, and we play when she's awake. Nailing down something solid is too stressful for me and baby girl so we are just going with the flow.

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