Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Currently...I have a One Month Old

Those I am so in love with my family. I truly had no idea how much m heart could expand. I even worried about how I could possibly have another baby and love her as much as I love my first born. Somehow, God created mothers to just make more room and discover new love. Seriously, wow.

On the weekend, we finally had Logan's hair cut. He was such a good boy and the stylist was able to use clippers!! His eyes are so stunning!! His new cut makes him look so much older and taller.

Evie is such a good baby. She is 8.6 pounds now and is eating like a champ. This time around with breastfeeding has been a lot better. No more shield and she is figuring out how to latch quickly and eat efficiently. Last night she slept 4 solid hours so I had a good 3.5 hour stretch of sleep. So nice! I'm still terribly exhausted during the day but feel so much more like myself. I can actually stay motivated to get things done. And speaking of...a reveal of her nursery is coming soon! I finally made some finishing touches today.

Onto the little survey...

I am capturing every single moment of this little girl's life. Swarming instagram and my fb feed with photos of her and Logan...I am THAT mom.

I am releasing a lot of life is still mine, but right now it is more about this new babe.

I am FINALLY sending a dear friend a payment for some cloth diaper inserts. OMG I am the worst at ending things off in the mail and even more so when I have no sleep, no memory, and a new baby to boot.

I am recommending...

  • The Boba carrier. I love it!
  • Deals at Hobby Lobby! I got a tone of cute decorations today, all for 50% off!
  • Sleep. Because I think just about all of us need a little more!


  1. Evie and Logan look like each other? They both have stunning big puppy dog eyes! And haircuts are the best and the worst, aren't they? Each cut ages Otto 3 years I swear. Congratulations on getting sleep. You sound really really happy :) Your kiddos are dolls, by the way.

  2. "I am the worst at sending things off in the mail."

    Yes. So much.

    It took me a full year to send a friend a thank you gift. A YEAR. And I currently have two packages waiting to be finished up and mailed.

    I am the worst also. Yes.

  3. Isn't it funny how we can say that 3.5 hours of sleep is a long time? Haha. Just found you through the link up.

  4. Releasing control, that's a good one! I feel like I'm doing that too, but not by choice. :-/

  5. Aww Evie looks so cute! I remember when the Baby In Red was that age! Feel free to come and check out my blog through the Currently Link Up - it's where I came from ;) x


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