Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Body After Baby and Breastfeeding

So, here I am 3 weeks out from Evelyn's birth and I feel really good. I gained 50 pounds with both pregnancies, but loosing the weight this time and the way I feel in general has been 10 times better than the first time. Since my recovery has been better, I have been up and around walking and doing almost everything at a normal level which I'm certain has helped me lose weight faster. AND I really don't care how quickly I lose the weight. That is the best part. It's summer time and I knew there was no way I was going to have a summer body, plus I live in a land locked state so it's not like I have a beach out there waiting for me to slim down. AND I think I look pretty good with some more meat on my bones. You long time readers will remember that it was only a year and a half ago that I was terribly underweight. My clothes were hanging on me, I felt terrible and I wanted nothing more than to gain some healthy weight. I got back up to my normal weight just before I became pregnant and during pregnancy, I ate well and walked around a hospital everyday for exercise. A 50 pound weight gain for my height and stature is normal.

Someone asked me today how I'm losing the weight and I honestly think it just has to do with breastfeeding, eating fairly well, and walking around the house more. With my first birth, I hated to even move from the couch to the bed and the thought of going up and down 3 flights of stairs was out of the question. I nursed Logan for 10 weeks but did not feel like I lost weight from doing so. We store extra fat in our rumps for breastfeeding and so naturally, it hangs around for the duration.

Speaking of breastfeeding, it's been a trip. It's hard, painful and different almost every time. I just weaned Evie from the nip shield and that is going well, however I have an over supply and that makes things even more complicated. Every week I have been going to our breastfeeding support group which is free through the hospital. I'm able to weigh Evie before her feeds and see how much milk she is transferring. Last Monday she weighted 7.8# and today she is 7.15# so we are doing great! As a mom there are a million things to worry about and healthy weight gain is just one thing I can cross off the list.

So things are okay. Not great, not terrible. Still adjusting.

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