Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh, Monday

I'm giving myself 10 whole minutes to tap out this belated update on things going on around here.

  • I have been going back and forth with having Instagram on my phone. That app takes up more space and so I finally got a ton of photos and videos into my dropbox and things are better and I can now exclaim, "I am totally Instagraming this!"

  • Class are good! Nutrition is going better and I'm doing great in the other two. Nothing new to report other than I love it. I really do, but after 3 weeks this is some serious business. I felt the need to throw my hands up on Friday, which I did, and once I calmed down I got to work on Sunday afternoon and killed the test. It pays to walk away from things for a bit.

  • I am working on a Shutterfly calendar. Gosh I love photos!

  • I am listening to Matched. Interesting, whimsical story so far.

  • We watched Silent House on Saturday night. Oh man that is "LEGIT scary", as my dear cousin says. Did not see the end coming, which is always nice. Even B couldn't figure it out and that's saying something!

  • A chai tea with almond milk is my go-to morning drink for a caffeine pick-me-up. I love it!

  • I cannot wait for all my favorite shows to start again! This week is Survivor and Glee on Thursday night.

Annnndddd my 10 minutes is up. Happy Monday!

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