Saturday, February 11, 2012

twenty-four months

It does not feel like I should be writing those words yet. How can my 6.6 pound newborn already be two years old?! Was it not yesterday that I was bulging, begging God to go into labor so I could cradle our sweet boy and finally declare motherhood? Nope. Two years now. Two years of absolute bliss, despite sleepless nights, sickness, his first boo-boo, the first time we left him with someone, going back to work, changing jobs, changing childcare...the list goes on. Two of the toughest, yet greatest, years of my life, molding into and adopting a new label: mother.

When Logan was born and as time escaped me, I felt for the longest time that those first 6 weeks were our hardest. I had a tough time healing and adjusting to the lack of sleep. But it got better and easier and now that he's two, those first 6 weeks were precious. So many changes occur, for both of us, and really are not all that bad.

There are certain things I do without a second thought. Changing a diaper, finding a paci under his bed, fixing him milk, making him laugh...all of which make both of our hearts grow just a little bigger, no matter how mundane it might seem, poopy diaper and all. The worst part about being a mother is that your heart is outside of your body. I can no longer think about life without thinking about Logan being in it. For someone with terrible anxiety, this can become bad at times as the worry I foster is not healthy, but I cannot help it. My heart is running around the room, chasing the dogs, pulling on the lamp cord, putting too much food in his mouth, taking a face plant in the snow, giving hugs, loving Elmo and trains, pronouncing "airplane" in such a way that only B and I know exactly what he's saying...

My Logan, my little wolverine, is the most exciting, precious, important, loving thing in my life (right there next to B of course!). I never knew I could love someone, this tiny piece of me and my soul mate, so much. I never knew I could become the mother I am today. It's thrilling and a little scary, but mostly amazing. I thank God 1000 times a day for blessing me with Logan and his daddy. Without them, I'd be lost.


Some fun facts:

  • On February 2, Logan weighed exactly 26 pounds and is 35" tall.

  • He wears 2T clothing (24 months is too short) and size 4 diapers

  • He has nearly 80 words in his vocabulary, but only uses about half of those regularly

  • He's still obsessed with lights.

  • His first two-word sentence was "light on"

  • He knows almost all his body parts (elbows and knees throw him off!)

  • He can count to 3 with help.

  • He can tell you how old he is.

  • He started saying "yeah" instead of "uh-huh" when asked a question

  • He sleeps in a toddler bed for about 10 hours at night and takes one 3 hour nap in the afternoon

  • He hates not getting his way

  • He loves everything else. Seriously. ;)

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