Monday, February 6, 2012

Birthday Cupcakes

In less than 2 days, Logan will be two. TWO!! Can you believe it, because I sure can't. The day I went into labor feels like yesterday. I can recall most of that day and his birth with such clarity that I really cannot believe that two years ago, he entered our world. He's made our lives a million times richer, brighter, happier and exciting. Pinterest has been a great help this year as I conjure up special ideas on how to enhance his day. I know he's only two and won't remember it, but we will and I want to be able to tell him one day all about his special 2nd birthday.

I love baking. Last year, I made THESE cupcakes. Tonight, I used the same recipe, minus the zest and plus the baking cocoa powder. For your mouth-watering enjoyment, here are some photos. Since we're not having a big party this year, I split the recipe in half and made twelve perfect cupcakes.

Mixing in the cocoa powder.

Logan licking the whisks, my most favorite part when I baked with my mom.

Ready for the oven (hint: 1/4 measuring cup was PERFECT for diving out the batter).

I wrote down the adjusted recipe...on a paper towel. Oh and since I've been lactose/dairy free, substituting almond milk has been made no difference in baking. I've used it in pudding, pancakes and waffles and all have turned out super yummy.

Logan watching his cupcakes rise.

DONE! B and I split one to taste--so good! I'll decorated them tomorrow night.

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