Friday, September 17, 2010

2nd Baby Goals

I had a dream last night that I was pregnant again. This deserves a huge


Hell no. I am no where ready, both physically or emotionally, to have another baby. Might I mention we are also no where near financially ready for another baby. It's interesting how, once you have your baby bouncing in your arms and smiling at you, your desire for more goes away. Let me clarify: we want more children, just not now. We want so much more than we have right now, that we want to give Logan and our dogs and our family. The following is a list of our PRE-Second Baby Goals in no particular order:

  1. Buy a house
  2. B gets a full time job with benefits which allows me to go back to school
  3. Finish school
  4. Get a job teaching
  5. Get out of debt
  6. Start truly saving money, and stop taking from what we do save
  7. Visit family in NJ
  8. Potty train Logan
  9. Loose 10 more pounds of non-baby weight
  10. Become better organized with house work, meals, and daily activities
Several of these items will forever be ongoing goals, however I just want to be better at them. We don't have to be totally out of dept, but we really want to be. I'd have to get my own insurance once I am no longer working and going to school and our hopes are that it would be temporary until I got a job with a school district.

I love being a mother more than anything, which means I love being a wife to B. He is the best husband and father I could have ever asked for and it makes me so proud to know that he will always be there for us and that we will have more children together someday. I suppose it is worth noting why I had this dream. Well, I have felt super off the last few days and I am pretty certain it is a blood sugar issue. Either way, I am dizzy, light headed, nausea, have a lack of appetite...all things which can easily be attributed to pregnancy, but also to low blood sugar. So I'm just going to keep eating my yogurt and wait for AF (who is not due to arrive until next week, just in time for our vacation, of course!!).

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