Friday, March 5, 2010

>We've Gone Cloth!

I have been anticipating this post since the day we brought home our box of Bummis Organic Diaper Kit! I started researching cloth diapers very early in my pregnancy and ironically, I had done NO research on this brand before purchasing it. However, I had done enough reading to make this purchase confidently.

Sometime last week we received a very generous gift from my parents. We had also been saving Babies R Us gift cards for months to purchase a breast pump. So the day we received that nice gift, we went shopping! We bought the best breast pump you can buy and saved a lot of money using the gift cards. While at BRU, we ran into another new mommy who had a baby girl the same day as Logan in the same hospital! She was born about 5 hours after Logan...crazy!

Then we headed to a local, high-end baby store in town. I knew they sold cloth diapers but I had no idea what brands they carried. Once there, we discovered they only carried Bummis and the owners, a mother and daughter team and so sweet, gave me a step by step cloth diaper 101 course. B showed off Logan while we played with the diapers and I built up my confidence in actually taking on this new endeavor. If you have ever used cloth, you know it is not as careless as a disposable diaper. Logan has only been in them one day now and we are still trying to figure out how to get a diaper off, reuse an unsoiled cover with a new clean diaper without getting peed on in the process. And oh how I love the flush-able liners!! LOVE IT!! So here are some pictures from my first day of clothing!

My day of clothing actually started the night before when I did the pre-washes. Let me tell you, I was TERRIFIED of ruining these precious prefolds. I knew how important the prewashing was and I did not want to screw it up. Also, my detergent did not tell me how much to use so I just guessed and used half of what they recommend, which I learned is what you're supposed to do anyway! Perfect.

I knew three loads of prewashes and drying in between each would take a few hours, but I had no idea it would take SIX HOURS! I have the worlds worst dryer and it took an hour and a half to dry each load. So I made it through two washes and dryings before calling it a night and finishing in the morning.

These are the adorable covers! Three prints and three whites.

Logan's expression after I told him it was almost time to fit a cloth to his little bum.

The HUGE diaper on him. After wearing it all day, I took it off because it was irritating his little belly button "zombie flesh" stump. It is hanging by a thread now and I just want it to come off on it's own before I put another one on him.

Logan is so happy!

The picture really does not do it justice just how huge this diaper is on him. He looked like an Ompa Lompa!

And here is just a sweet shot of my little family. Four hours later Logan proceeded to
projectile vomit all over me and our bed sheets. Bed sheets I had just washed and replaced not 2 days ago! None landed in my hair, but I did jump in the shower as soon as I cleaned Logan up. It was gross.

We have a very fun and busy weekend ahead! I will try and take loads of pictures.

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