Monday, September 7, 2009

>Prayer Callous? I think not...

I don't know about most of you ladies out there, but I find blogging as a way to reach out to others, this being just one of the many reasons why I write. I mostly write for myself but sometimes, I might be feeling like I need some advice or a pick me up and none of you ever let me down. I don't depend on it, but it certainly brightens my day regardless. Sometimes to vent, sometimes to share joy, sometimes to share sadness and sometimes to ask for prayer.
Through other blogs, like MckMama and Kelly's Korner, I have learned how powerful prayer can be whether it be to heal a breaking heart or thank Jesus for incredible blessings. Those women are always lifting people up to their readers. He is so powerful and when we all get together and lift someone or something up, it is amazing to see the results. I can feel it.
So when I posted about the fellow blogger who recently lost her baby at term, I was only reaching out to all of you to keep this fellow woman going through great pain and loss in your prayers. I know that for many of us, that is something we cannot imagine happening and for me, being nearly halfway through my pregnancy, it is scary, yet humbling to realize how precious life is. I think there is a special bond in this blog land that happens when you get to know someone through their blog and reading about life events and seeing someone go through something tough and lifting that person up with prayers and positive words. I have been following Caz's blog since before she found out she was expecting so while I am not sure if she follows my blog, I was so sad in finding out about her news and I knew that (most) of you would lift her up.
Someone left a comment that my post was "callous". I disagree. Asking for prayer is never callous whether it is for you or someone else. When Kelly lifts families up, she is not being callous, but gathering the blog land prayer warriors. I am not going to defend myself here. I did what I thought was right and those of you who commented I can tell felt the same way. So, to those of you who might disagree with something I post, then you can go elsewhere. I am not writing for you. I am writing for me. I appreciate all of the lovely blogger friends I have made here and love how supportive we are for each other.

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