Thursday, January 3, 2013

Currently...20 weeks!

TWENTY WEEKS!! I feel like this is one of the best milestones in pregnancy. For me, 10 weeks, 20 weeks, 24 weeks and 35 weeks are the best milestones. 10 weeks feels like you're pretty much out of the woods as far as a potential loss is concerned. Then 20 weeks is HALF WAY!! 24 weeks is viability and 35 weeks is almost term, meaning you can emotionally prepare for your baby to come just about any time.

Overnight, the belly and this baby have popped. I just know baby is going through a growth spurt. Suddenly, every part of my low back, hips and sacrum is screaming at me each time I sit down or stand up. Baby's position must be sitting just right to make all these aches happen at once. Plus, I carry my babies low so I know that contributes. Regardless, each ache is worth the reward in the end. Grow, baby grow!

Wishing... I could enjoy more alcohol. We were given so much wine over the holidays and I have to wait 5 more months before I can enjoy it. I'm certain that, by then, we will have quite the stock. Maybe we will have a "meet the baby and drink my wine" party.

Thinking...about how I've lost a friend, emotionally. The last week has been rough. I'm more angry than anything else, but it's still really hard.

Cooking...nothing. I try not to cook when I'm pregnant and we have had so many left overs from different get togethers. We are working our way through that.

Drinking...coke, water, juice and tea. The coke is to ward off an oncoming migraine and I am loving peppermint teas. holiday. I worked on New Years Day and it was slow, but easy. Also working on getting the Christmas decorations put away and keeping the house cleaned up.

At 20 weeks....

  • Eating: Edemame!! OMG why did no one tell me about this before?!

  • Wearing: maternity clothes. Some longer tops/tanks still fit but I'm pretty much done with my regular clothes.

  • Gaining: some weight! I think my boots added an extra pound or two, but apparently I gained 5 pounds in the last week. Makes sense if this baby is going through a growth spurt!

  • No fun: low back pains

  • Way fun: seeing baby bean on the screen on Monday and learning I no longer have a placenta previa!!

  • Big brother is: insisting baby is a girl and he calls her by her name. I love it!

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