Friday, January 18, 2013


If you know me, you know I am not big on accessories. I wear simple earrings and rarely a matching necklace since my work badge overshadows it. I paint my nails once in a blue moon and walk around with chipped paint until it all comes off naturally. I wear one ring, my wedding ring, and my purse never matches anything I wear. In fact, my socks are loud and make a statement better than anything else I wear.

In pregnancy, I am even less motivated to accessorize. I'm all about making things simple and in pregnancy, that is intensified by 1000.  For example, I take my showers in the evening so I can sleep in an extra 10 minutes. Last night I scrunched up my hair and spun it into a loose bun so that I'd have some awesome waves today. I didn't do ANYTHING to my hair when I woke up, not even a bobby pin.

My sense of simplicity sometimes overshadows the things that I really do need and honestly, when do I even consider what I need anymore?? **tangent: I did a personality workshop on Wednesday and of course this is my weakness in not taking care of myself**. All this to say, it took me 22weeks and a 2nd pregnancy to realize that I needed a few accessories that are only (mostly) for pregnancy.

I carry my babies low. I have a long torso and the baby likes to sit right on my sacrum. This causes horrible low back and tailbone pain. For some reason, I don't remember it being this bad the first time and maybe it wasn't. So I did some research and bought a maternity support belt. Today is day 1 and I'm not thrilled to wear it. It's cumbersome, but gives a ton of support. No difference in the pains yet, but I know that with time that will go away (!).

I also bought a exercise ball for work. That alone has been making the biggest difference in comfort. Lastly, I bought some new ice packs. These are my new accessories. I'm making them work all in the name of comfort. I'm always making accessories work in the name of comfort. ;)

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