Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Big Apple

I love NYC. I don't consider myself a traveler, although I would love to do it more often. Of all the cities in the country I've seen, NYC trumps them all. I love the smell. It's a dirty smell, but a smell that defines NYC. I love how busy and go-go-go the attitude is. So I was beyond excited when we made plans to go into the city for a day during our East Coast trip.

Friday morning, we (me, B and my most favorite cousin-who's-a-sister to me) woke up super early. The night before, we had been drinking in the hot tub for the third night in a row. My aunt introduced us to her friend Don and he works in the city. He volunteered to get us there, treat us to lunch, and get us home. We were elated! He picked us up and off we went to the city bus station a town away on the other side of the bay.

The sun was finally shining without a cloud in the sky. It was going to be a perfect day for walking the city! While on the bus, H and I talked. People, this girl and I are beyond besties. And we never see each other. And we like to talk. And we have loud voices. So there we were, talking about everything and we were shushed--twice! Note to self-no talking alowed on the early commuter bus to NYC! We laughed it off, called her the B word and kept talking, all while trying to lower our voices. It didn't work, but we didn't care.

We arrived at Port Authority, just off 42nd street and made our way to Times Square. H and B had never been before. I'm not sure how many times I've been to the city, but I was thrilled to be experiencing this with them! Their eyes were wide with wonder and minds open for the new adventure. It was intoxicating how excited we all were.

Times Square really threw me for a loop. It had been 6 years since a had last been and now with the pedestrian only areas, I was totally turned around. Regardless, we saw all the lights, the police men on their Morgan horses, and people speaking different languages. I don't think you can come any closer to a full blown cultural experience.

We made our way to FAO Schwarz, just for the heck of it, and then trecked through Central Park to the MET. If you're keeping tabs, then yes, we WALKED nearly 40 blocks in one morning. It was great, but our feet were screaming by the time we got home.

The park was beautiful. It was the last day of school for many kids so each playground and shadded grassy area were lined with strollers and filled with kids and their nannies. I saw not one, but two people taking pictures of squirrles. That made me giggle. We walked past the boat pond and finally arrived at the MET, our main goal for the entire day trip.

After two hours of paintings, furniture, and staged rooms, we were famished. We called Don and grabbed our cab to 55th & Park. Of all the times I had been into the city, I'd never been to Park Ave and I can honestly say it is my new favorite place in NYC. What a beautiful strip of lofty apartments, business buildings, and wide streets filled with hard working millionaires (or so I like to think).

Don took us to Cellini, a 5 Star Italian restaurant. I had the most divin lobster ravioli ever with a vodka sauce...It was heavenly.

Before we knew it, we were racing back to the Port Authority via subway to make the 330 bus and we barely did by 2 minutes. The day was incredible and the only bad part was how little time we had to enjoy everything. Regardless, it was a special experience and I can't wait to go back again.

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