Monday, May 21, 2012


I am...

Thinking.... that I might actually learn to like running.

Wishing...I was in NJ on the beach! Three more weeks baby!

Organizing...the coat and linen closets.

Noticing...the headache I have might not be dehydration-induced after all.

Sipping...water. And I had peppermint tea earlier. hunting and our trip to NJ. the sweet lil baby I just saw with TONS of thick, black hair.

Urging...everyone to keep checking out my Midwife 101 blog if you want to keep up to date on my journey through nursing school and beyond. I'd love for you to follow me!!

Wondering...if we will ever find a house to buy.

Hoping...Logan has a great day with his friend baby E and his mama.

Finishing...two books related to, of course, the birth partner and midwives. amazing husband for giving me a nice long foot rub last night. I have a perma-cramp that will.not.go.away!

Wanting...this week to go quickly so I can have another great weekend with my family. pandora's Radiohead station. Loving it!


This weekend was good! Friday night B and I watched Don't Be Afraid of the Dark with Katie Holms. It was redic, people. I mean, I have been on a serious horror/thriller kick lately. We have watched nearly 10 movies that have all been kind of scary. This one tops them all. Nothing about the movie is realistic and the acting is terrible but OMG I was scared out of my pants!

Saturday we had fun with some friends who came into town for a homemade breakfast and nice chats. Short, but sweet. Then we played with baby E. All three boys were asleep at the same time which was great. I worked on my midwife blog and networking. That evening, we had a family party to go to. I met a great new friend with a son just a few months older than Logan. The two boys ran around together and it was so nice to have another mama to relate to. Too bad we live in different cities.

Sunday Logan and I headed to church. I wanted to go to the non-denom church as I really love worship time. Our regular church plays old hymns, which are nice, but I really wanted to get off my seat and feel the Spirit. So I dropped Logan off in his classroom and went and sang my heart out. Not 15 minutes later my pager was going off. Logan was in full on melt down mode. Poor guy was just so sad and didn't want anything to do with this new classroom, teachers and friends. We tried to sit in the services but he was not having that so we left. It was only 15 minutes until our regular church had a service so we headed over there. Yes, friends, we went to two churches yesterday morning! He had a melt down again, but this time I just let him work it out, and he did.

Sunday evening we had the BBQ pulled pork I made last weekend. It was so good! B and I played with Logan and then we watched some of The Hangover. Great movie. The only other thing is that I have been sooo tired this weekend! I really can't drink coffee so while we were in church, I was nearly falling asleep. lol

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