Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend!

This Mother's Day was wonderful! Last year, Logan walked for the first time which made my day! This year, he ran everywhere we went. We spent the morning cooking up some nice brunchy foods and played outside until my parents showed up. We had a great time just talking and enjoying the yummy food!

After lunch, the guys went out to play frisbee golf and we headed to the park. This photo just about kills me! What a handsome face! And with my mama...ahh so happy!

I don't think slides are nearly as fun now as they were when I was a kid! Super bumpy but Logan loved it.

His new favorite thing to do at the park is the teetor-totter (or see-saw...what do you call it?!). We love it!

Another handsome face! He has really gotten into wearing hats and will FINALLY wear this scally cap that his grandparents gave him for Christmas.

Overall, I had a wonderful day! That evening we saw B's mom, brother and his wife. We had a great dinner and chat. So wish we could see them more often! Then B and I had some wine before bedtime and I went to bed a very happy, appreciated and loved mama.

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