Wednesday, March 14, 2012

so what's new?

  • We're all sick-again. And I am SO sick of being sick and taking care of a sick child and husband. I am certain there is nothing more challenging than trying to maintain a household and care for my family while I'm feeling cruddy too. It suuuuuuuucks. Thankfully, I am feeling better today.

  • I'm getting a massage tonight! It's one of those "take care of myself" resolutions I made. B got me a gift certificate for Christmas. Can't wait!

  • I am officially over any baby-fever I may have had a few months ago. I'm not sure why, but I am so content with the way things are right now. Logan is such a joy, I could not imagine growing a baby right now while trying to enjoy these fleeting moments with Logan.

  • One of those moments happened last night. We were at the park and he has never been a fan of the slide. We've always had to coax him through his protests and last night, he climbed up the stairs of the play structure, turned his little body around and went belly down backwards down the slide! B and I were shocked! No coaxing and only giggles all the way down. Then he proceded to do that over and over, face forward and feet first (ahhhh alliteration!!). He never cried if he fell off the slide at the end on his behind. I have daycare to thank for breaking that little fear of his.

  • Honestly, I miss my longer hair. I love the way it looks at this length, but it doesn't feel natural. I miss the long brains and big, messy buns I managed. But I KNOW that if I grow it out again I will just hack it off out of frustration.

  • I LOVE listening to the classical station on Pandora at work. It is so relaxing and sometimes there are movie theme scores and it makes me nostalgic to watch the movie again.

  • Today is Taylor Hanson's birthday. He's 29.

  • I think the plant in my office is going to die. I cannot keep a plant alive! WTH?!

  • I've been eating avocados and strawberries like they're going out of style and at 3 for $4, they sure are!!

  • This weekend we're going to the St. Patty's Day parade downtown! It's been 5 years since B and I went and that night was the first time he ever told me he loved me. Le sigh....

  • There are so many concerts coming to Red Rocks that I MUST go to!! Florence, The Fray, Mumphord...

Happy Hump Day!

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