Friday, March 30, 2012

Best Dream Ever

For the last three nights, my dreams have been very vivid, long and memorable. I stopped taking melatonin to help me sleep (since I was waking up wide awake in the middle of the night) and now I sleep better without it! Anyway, I had the best dream ever last night and it's worth sharing.

B and I were on our way somewhere, down the highway, driving in separate cars. We decided we needed to drive together so we pulled over into a huge parking lot. There was 1 car there and a women was inside. I leaned over her window and asked if she would let me drive her car. She said yes so B followed me, all the time knowing that we were on our way to the hospital. This woman had dark hair and was very nice, stating that she had worked all day, but was pretty sure that she might give birth any minute. I remained calm and told her I knew what I was doing if we didn't make it in time. We shared great conversation and made it to the hospital.

B disappeared. I escorted this new pregnant women into the hospital and right up to the birthing center (although not the one I work in-it was different) and as soon as she laid on the bed, I could tell she was crowning. There were no nurses around and she was so calm. I just grabbed some gloves and out came the baby into my arms! I placed her (I assumed it was a girl) onto her chest and as soon as two nurses stepped into the room I announced that she'd delivered and I took care of it. The nurses were so impressed, one of which was an old college friend. I declared it was my very first delivery and how excited.

Later, the baby had to go to the NICU for some reason and as I was walking with her to visit her baby we both began to cry and I told her all about Logan's experience in the NICU and said everything would be okay. We hugged a lot and I never saw the baby again but I knew that we'd become friends forever after that experience.

How cool is that?! The best part is that THIS DREAM WILL come true someday. Most likely in a must more prepared environment, but nonetheless, it will happen. I've been in the best mood today all because of this dream and the true possibilities it holds.

That being said, if I won the mega millions (which I thought about playing, and since decided not to) I would quit work and go to nursing school TOMORROW. I would invest in both mine and B's careers right away. Oh and buy our first home and donate millions to the hospital and our vet. Yes, I've thought of this.

And lastly, please keep a little baby in your thoughts and prayers. He was born 13 days ago and thanks to a false negative GBS test, he contracted spinal meningitis from the birth. So scary and sad! I know his grandmother well. Thanks friends.

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