Monday, March 26, 2012

always remember (part 2)

  • On Thursday night it was warm enough for us to take our 2nd family bike ride together. You protested wearing your helmet but as soon as you were in your seat you settled down. I will remember how peaceful you are, how you just soak in the breeze, sounds, and everything around us. The way you wave at everyone we pass and smile with your most beautiful toothy grin. I will remember the way your eyes light up at the sound of going to the park, the way you run around and climb up the steps to the slide and bravely go down the slide over and over again.

  • How you eat waffles every single morning while watching Cat in the Hat, how you sing along to the song and really emphasize "go go go!"

  • How you've grown out of all your 18-24 month clothes and how you can drink from a grown up cup with little assistance, even if you spill sometimes.

  • How you wake up asking to play bubbles outside, how it's the first thing you think about and how much joy bursts from you when we go outside to play with the bubbles.

  • The way we say our prayers every night. You, sitting on my lap facing me, heads together and your hands pressed. I say our prayers and you say "Amen" and then "again!" and we say a few more prayers until you feel we're done. You open and close the prayer box around my next, being sure to capture every prayer we say.

  • How you lean against your daddy while you two read books, how you point out all the lights, dogs, balloons and much more on every page.

  • How your language has absolutly exploded over the last few months, especially how you say "thank you mommy" or "I love you Mommy". Melts my heart!

I love you so much Logan. Thank you for making my life rich.

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