Thursday, December 22, 2011

loosing it

I swear, friends, I'm loosing it! I forgot I already wrote about my trip to the ER a few posts back. I re-wrote it and almost posted it and realized, OMG I already did this! While I love this time of year, I will be SO glad when things calm down after the 1st.

We got snow last night and it's still coming down! Logan loves it! He says over and over "nnnnoooow" since he can't say his s's yet.

We went out to dinner as a family last night. I let him have some apple juice with dinner and lots of water. He soaked through his PJs by 1030pm and at 230am he thought it was a great time to get up and play. Didn't anyone tell him Santa doesn't come until the 25th?! He laid in bed with us for an hour. The moment I thought has asleep I'd look up at him, snuggled in my arms and he'd grab my cheeks with both hands and say "mama!". It was precious, but why oh why at 230 in the morning? I loved our time laying together but I have no idea why he woke up like that. He was acting like it was morning, asking for milk and to eat. It was bizzar. I'm guessing he was cold, because the house was down to 63* and that maybe something scared him. A dream? The dark? Being cold in the dark?? Either way, I really hope he sleeps through the night tonight!

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