Monday, December 26, 2011

Dear Logan (on your 2nd Christmas)

Celebrating Christmas this year with you has been an incredible joy. I can't imagine a anything better than watching the smile spread across your face as your eyes set on all the incredible lights everywhere. It's such a beautiful smile. It did not take long for your to grasp what this Christmas was all about. You loved tearing the paper off your presents, being careful to hand me each piece to keep things clean. You ate just as much of the yummy food we did and then some. We certainly broke many of our rules about eating so many sweets in one day (whatever those are) and thankfully you still slept great. You have made this Christmas so special, Logan. We love you so much and could not be more proud of how you're growing into a little boy.

Here's what we did this Christmas:

On Christmas Eve we spent the day running around gathering last minute gifts for you and your daddy. I had a revelation that next year I will not be able to purchase your gifts while you're with me. We came home and wrapped everything up, watched the Broncos loose a game, and made some yummy treats for Great-Grandpa's party. Before we left the house, daddy decided it was time to turn your car seat around. You are only 6 weeks away from 2 years old and you've made it to 27 pounds. You LOVE facing forward!

We arrived there right at 5oopm and enjoyed hanging out with all your cousins, running around and playing with your new toys. Mommy and Daddy had to keep you from going upstairs--it was all you wanted to do! After the party we headed to Grandma Mac's, a tradition that is 3 years strong now. There, you played even more, staying up late and finally crashing after 10pm.

At 715 on Christmas day you woke us up saying "mama". I was thrilled that a) you slept past 6am and b) you woke up happy. We made breakfast and sipped on hot drinks. You love the juice boxes Grandma Mac gives you. While the frittata cooked in the oven we opened presents. You became very serious while opening each one and would immediatly say "out!" and daddy had to cut the toy out of its box.

Later, we took a walk with the dogs and you slipped on the ice a few times but handled it like a big boy, never crying. Mommy made lasagna for the first time ever and it was delicious! Although you didn't try it, you sure did love the garlic toast and black grapes. You went down for a nap and we watched a movie. It was so nice to just relax and soak in this beautiful day.

After your nap we headed to see your great Grammy. She loved the calendar we made her and you loved the truck she gave you. Then we headed to Lolly and Pops for a nice ham dinner and 9 holes of Wii golf. Lolly and Pop got you a train table and a train set which you love! You even sat on the table, something which we think you'll be doing a lot!

This Christmas was so special. It was as if it was your real first Christmas in which you were able to participate and understand that under all that paper was something fun to see. With time we will do our best as your parents to teach you the true meaning of Christmas, of baby Jesus' birth and how much he loves you. We say your prayers every night. Thank you for being our son, Logan. You're an incredible little boy and you light up our world more than we could have ever imagined.

Love you,

Mama and Daddy

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