Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Out Damn Spot, Out!

EDIT: Within 20 minutes of writing and posting this I surfed on over to mayoclinic.com and checked out Roseola, a fairly common virus which is similar to chicken pox. It comes from the same Herpes family chicken pox does, but is not nearly as contagious or serious. Every ounce of worry you hear in this post has been eased. Of course, if it gets worse then I will take him in.

See the spots on Logan's cheek? I know this is a terrible cell phone photo but Logan broke out in a rash shortly after spiking a high fever on Sunday afternoon. He has been pretty miserable ever since and I have no idea where either have come from. Daycare is certainly where he may have picked up a bug but I've had it in my gut that this is a reaction from his MMR vaccine he received 10 days ago. I've talked to a few other mamas who have had the same experience, though I am not 100% convinced. Another thought is a fever-induced rash. Where the fever came from is still a mystery and as a mother it kills me not to know exactly what is causing my babe so much discomfort. My gut aches and my mind runs to places it shouldn't. B keeps bringing me down, reassuring me that he's fine-no big deal. I know he's right. At the end of almost 3 days his fever has subsided to a 99*, the rash covers splotchy spaces of his body on his belly, back, face, arms and bottom. Up until after his nap today I was certain that his mood was back to normal, however he woke up crying out in his painful cry, you know the one only a mother can determine, for a good 20 minutes.

The worst part is what my mind tries to convince me of. Not being able to know right away what is wrong, Logan not being able to communicate his pains is just killer. So I pray. I pray he's healed, that the rash is nothing serious, and that I have peace. And I do. Now, if he wakes up tomorrow still having a rough time with more spots then I'm taking him in. Mama says.

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