Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I've said before how different a baby Evelyn is compared to her brother. Makes sense...she IS a different person. However, the sleeping difference is about to do me in. Logan was and has always been an awesome sleeper. He was sleeping through the night by the time he was 8 weeks old and then, only woke up around 4am to eat. Then, unless he was sick or teething, he would sleep all night. Evie girl...she is up every 2-3 hours still. And last night, something must be wrong, because she was up solid, crying and pretty much inconsolable from 11pm-3am. Took her in to make sure she didn't have an ear infection. She doesn't. But OMG am I tired! Working, studying for my CNA final...I am so exhausted. Please send prayers for all of us. Even B is just as sleep deprived. He helped me out a bit which made such a huge difference. Wow. I need a nap vacation.

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