Sunday, July 14, 2013

To the Mountains, Blown Tires, and Fevers

It's amazing how crazy the weeks after having a baby can be. Outside of having a newborn, June is always one of our busiest months. There are four birthdays in the family and this year we planned a weekend away to the mountains at the end of June. We left on a Thursday evening and arrived before 10pm. The kids did great in the car after almost 3 hours. Friday we woke up to a beautiful, quiet, sunny morning. I had coffee while B chopped up potatoes for breakfast. There were 15 family members there and we were on for breakfast. Everyone loved the potatoes! I made lemon pancakes, also a big hit, and the rest of the day was ours. We hiked around the cabin, played with Logan in a sand box, passed Evie around to all her 2nd cousins, and great grandparents. Then we had really strong margaritas, burgers and I shot a bee-bee gun and hit the target (TING) on my 5th try. 

Saturday morning I woke up early with Logan. Evie stayed asleep while her Lolly snuggled her close outside in the crisp mountain air. I missed that. Growing up in the mountains, the air is so pure. I sat outside with my parents and uncle, keeping a close eye on Logan while he explored. The sun kept peeking in and out of clouds which only brought a few drops here and there. After our morning coffee I didn't feel well and turns out I'm not as apt to altitude as I thought. I never seem to drink enough water and the symptoms of altitude sickness earned me a long morning nap while B took care of the kids. The rest of the day I was off, but managed to play several games of Banana Grams (LOVE!) and watch The Princess Bride with my cousins. B took off with a huge group to the shooting range before the rain started up and we had amazing homemade lasagna for dinner before heading down the mountain. We stopped at Amy and Ted's place to pick up our doggies and as we merged onto a new section of highway, this happened:

The many of you readers who know me, know that I hate driving on the highway. I'm a better passenger than I am a driver and even still, I can be a nervous wreck. The idea of anything happening while on the highway has always scared me, though nothing had ever really happened to me on the highway. I'm just an anxious mess. Then this happens. We were merging and heard a really loud sound. I thought it was the car next to us, as if it had a broken muffler or something but as the car passed us, the sound stayed. B started to move into the right late and realized, at 60 MPH that he thought we had a flat tire. Let's review the facts: it was 9pm, dark outside, our car was packed with luggage, two dogs and two sleepy kids and I instantly started freaking out that we were now going to be stuck on the side of the highway in a part of Denver that is not so great.

Before we even exited the car, we could smell the burning rubber and that's when we learned that we had more than just a flat tire; we'd blown it. This is where I say a million prayers of thanks for God protecting us and keeping us safe. Blown tires are known to cause car accidents and end up a lot worse and we were so lucky. Long story longer, the car jack was not with the spare tire so I called the state patrol. We waited 30 minutes for him to show up. He helped B change the tire and we made it home at midnight after taking the back roads home. THEN, the next morning B took the inside of the car apart, because we have never needed to use the car jack in this vehicle and he could not find it in our other car. Turns out it was placed UNDER THE CAR the heck is anyone supposed to know that (car manual didn't specify) and there was no way, if we had known, that we would have been able to access it without taking the entire car apart on the side of the highway. B moved it over to the spare and 4 days later our pockets are lighter and we have new tires.

I'll admit: we are not the best car maintenance people, however B can fix almost anything on a car. He changes the oil, fixes flats, replaces air filters and broken belts...the cause of blowing the tire is unknown but I will tell you those tires were not bald. We still had a good 10,000 miles on them, according to the guys at Discount. Anyway...

All day Thursday, Evie felt warm to the touch, but I just assumed it was from the heatwave outside so we stayed in with the AC on. Friday morning Logan woke up with a fever. He was cranky, achy and spent a lot of time on the couch watching TV. It was my mom's birthday and with some meds, he was feeling a little better so we decided to head out to celebrate at a local brewery. While my dad was holding Evie, he pointed out how she felt warm and could feel something like a wheeze in her back. I was not worried about her until then. Logan had a fever and Evie is still so little...I've seen way too many babies end up in the hospital super sick super fast. I called her doctor and talked to several of my nurse friends and mamas...better get her checked out. Urgent care was closed so it was to the ER we went. B stayed home with Logan so it was just me and my girl. 

I prayed the whole way there and battled between feeling like was we were over-reacting to feeling safe rather than sorry. We checked in and had no wait. They take sick babies very seriously. I had not managed to take her temp but it was 99.5 when we got there and to me, that was scary (although the nurses and PA assured me that was normal for a baby). She had been throwing up more, and was really fussy the last few days...I thought something must be going on. We were taken back to our room and the PA came in right away. He checked her out, listened to her lungs (he didn't hear a wheeze) and decided to talk to the ER doc to see if we should do anything other than a chest xray. Radiology came, took pictures and then the PA returned. Labs and a UA were ordered. Nurses came back and decided that sticking Evie only once was best (I agreed, though sticking her at all was scary) so they placed an IV line just in case she needed fluids and meds based on the blood and UA results. It was horrible, though I could not cry, I just held her and gave her love when it was all over. Then she had a cath placed to get sterile urine, which didn't seem to bother her, and then we waited for all the results.

Everything was normal. Maybe she was fighting a little virus since Logan had something going on, but we don't know. All I know is that I'm glad I had her checked out. Catching bacterial infections early is really important with newborns. It's not how I wanted to spend the evening and I missed out on celebrating my mom's birthday, but I am so thankful that my little girl is healthy. She's been doing great since and I think she's hitting her 8 week growth spurt. Eating like crazy and just the most precious baby ever!!

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