Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Madness

  • Even though I'm home a lot right now, I still find it hard to blog regularly. 
  • Evie was baptized yesterday and it was beautiful! I just wish my mom had been there. She has been ill and I hate that she had to miss it.
  • WILLS AND KATE HAD A BOY!! I asked Logan this morning if it would be a boy or a girl and he said boy. I was hoping for a girl. Kid has a gift!
  • Two nights ago Evie slept from 1030-545 and last night she was up almost every hour because...
  • She has Logan's cold. Been coughing and super fussy all day. Poor baby!
  • I finally opened an ETSY shop!! Please go follow it and buy things and be happy!! ;)
  • It's crazy-hot today so Evie and I are just hanging out at home.
  • I hope it doesn't take a week to name the new prince. May I suggest Asher? George?
  • I'm totally over cloth diapering. Washing with a front loading HE washer is really difficult. Tips?
  • Evie is 9 weeks old today! Here is an awesome comparison of her and her brother at 2 months old.

  • Three more weeks until I start working again? Already?! :(
  • I LIVE for Mondays with Evie. While everyone else is dreading the first work day of the week, I am relishing in the naps and relaxed snuggles I get. I will so miss this...
  • Bachellorette Men Tell All is on tonight! I just love Des.

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