Monday, July 29, 2013

ten weeks of breastfeeding

I have officially been breastfeeding Evelyn for ten whole weeks!! She has not have a drop of formula and only takes a bottle a few times a week until I go back to work. You guys. I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how happy and excited I am that we have made it this far! Like childbirth, you DO forget the aches and pains you go through to succeed at breastfeeding. Yes I remember curling my toes every time she latched and yes I remember crying every time she nursed for the first 3 weeks (almost every time...) and yes I remember the exact moment that I took the nipple shield away and said "never again girl!" and that was it. We only needed the shield for just over a week and unlike my experience with nursing Logan, we have NOT had thrush or an abscess or even a clogged duct to speak of! Which, really, is a miracle since I have a serious over-supply that has regulated to a point.

Like giving birth without an epidural, I am still amazed that I am able to do this. I do recall thinking to myself during one of the toe-curling latches that I totally understood why many mamas quite breastfeeding early on because it seriously, effing hurts. I know I said more swear words during her latches in the first few weeks than the 2 hours that I was in massive transitional labor. Seriously.

One of the biggest differences this time is that I have more self-education on the subject, way more resources and support. The community for breastfeeding women is growing and it has nothing to do with being a hippie. And neither does giving birth naturally. That stereotype is going out the door and acceptance is coming in. HOWEVER, it is not all the way there. I think it is DUMB that some people think I should cover up. So I don't. Now that Evie and I have learned how to do this breastfeeding thing at home, nursing her in public is much easier and honestly, if someone can actually see something then they are way too close! Because I am wicked sly with layers.

I have a serious soap box now when it comes to breastfeeding and I guess that makes me even more feminist than I ever imagined I'd be or admit to being!! Anyway...I just have to share how proud and happy I am. This is one of the most incredible things I have ever done. I truly LOVE breastfeeding Evelyn. I love the way she caresses my breast with her hand, how her little eye lashes tickle me, the little sounds she makes as she swallows and grunts with satisfaction and how she smells afterwards. So amazing.

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  1. Amazing! It is quite an accomplishment that you are able to stay with the breastfeeding even though it is painful for you! I give you great props! I tried to breastfeed my twins, but it hasn't worked out as well. I pretty much exclusively pump these days, but my boys are 5 months and going strong! It truly takes dedication to give out kids what we feel is best. So glad to read your amazing story!



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