Sunday, July 28, 2013


I noticed, as I know some of you readers have as well, that my blog was quite possibly hacked and is spamming the heck out of your feed. I am so sorry! I had a pretty decent password but when I went in to change it, it had been FIVE YEARS since I updated it! So I suppose it was time! I hope this fixes that issue. Please let me know if you see anything else that looks fishy.


In other news (in bullets):

  • Logan and Evie were possibly exposed to the chicken pox virus exactly 10 days ago and so far, nothing. It generally has a 7-10 day incubation period and thankfully, no signs of it! And since you're all wondering, I'm sure, we did not vaccinate Logan because he has a high risk for allergens and gelatin is in the vac so we put it off. Now that he is older, if he does not get chicken pox in the next few days, then I will have him get the vac. Evie should be protected since I'm breastfeeding her.
(playing at the gardens on Friday)
  • Speaking of of tomorrow I will officially have been breastfeeding Evie longer than I did with Logan...with no signs of stopping any time soon! I am so happy!! I was determined to make this time better and sure enough, it's been just that. Evie has an awesome latch, she's really efficient, and my body is making more than enough. YAY!
(she started smiling this week!)
  • The last few weekends have turned out to be great days as a family. We have made the most of the nicer, cooler weather and getting out of the house makes us all just a little happier. Yesterday we went to a parade downtown and then later we took Logan to the river to search for bugs under rocks. He had a blast!

  • Tomorrow (Monday) also marks two weeks until I go back to work (ish). The exact date is still in question as we have a brand new system that I have to learn and be trained for so the first few weeks of work will actually be training.
  • If I'm being honest (and I always am), one of the biggest reasons I'm going back to work is for insurance. Through the hospital, our insurance is incredible. I just received a $450 Medela pump for FREE from my insurance company. Amazing! You know, there are things in our country that suck and sometimes our health care is one of them, however, this benefit is one thing health care is getting right.
  • Lastly, I have been working hard on lots of super cute headbands for the shop!! Please check it out. I'm still waiting for my very first sale to come through...maybe it's for you?? ;)

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