Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Home Tour: Kitchen & Bathroom

It's taken a few days but I finally snapped a few photos of these two rooms. I love our kitchen. I've always wanted a kitchen sink that looked out into the back yard so that I could keep an eye on our babe playing. He is OBSESSED with being "ou-tah" and since the entire yard is fenced and safe I am okay with letting him play while I do some dishes.

Ahh, dishes. We don't have a dishwasher. GASP! I know. I swore up and down we'd never ever live in a home without a dishwasher and lo and behold the yard won me over. Actually, funny story. I had no idea that there was no dishwasher until the day we moved in. B actually said "hey, s, you know there's no dishwasher, right?" and I was like "omg-how could I not have noticed?!" At that point it was too late. We'd already signed our lease and honestly, it's fine. I got the big deep bathtub and the large fenced yard my heart has longed for and for that I am okay with washing dishes 96 times a day, give or take.

Our stackable HE laundry is in the corner of the kitchen and it works out nicely. Now, I know you're noticing the open cabinets. There are covers of a sort and they slide and they stick and after doing lots of sliding and sticking for the first few days I nearly ripped them out. Actually I did rip them out, gently. I actually like the open look and this is not the final look we're going for. I want to get some pretty wallpaper to line the bottoms and paint the back some fun color. This will all have to wait.

Also, the blue antique cabinet needs new shelving in it and once we get that then all the food will go there acting as our pantry. All of our appliances work great and I've enjoyed cooking meals, that is, when I'm actually home to cook. The only other downside is the lack of counter space, something which was a deal breaker when we were house hunting. The good thing is that the total space is actually more than what we had at the apartment and I feel like it works out fine.

This is our tiny bathroom. Small, but it just happens to be the most updated part of the entire 66 year old house. Lovely tile outlines the inside of the shower and half of the walls around the room. I've always wanted a pedestal sink, but with such a cute sink you get very little storage. We've had these metal storage units since we first got married and they've worked out great everywhere we've lived.

See that window? Yeah, next to the deep tub it's my most favorite part of the bathroom. It's been open since the day we moved in a month ago and I love being able to look outside (into our yard-not at neighbors!). I also love our original medicine cabinet mirror which has a small dent in it.

Next up: Logan's room! :)

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