Saturday, September 6, 2008

>A Lapse in Judgement

>I never give out my personal information. Never, being the operative word. For one short second, possibly while on drugs, I broke my own rule. I can see the look on my father's face, shaking his head at me and scoffing at my inability to pay attention to red flags. When I go shopping and clerks ask me for my e-mail or zip code or phone number, I quickly ask if it is necessary (it is NEVER necessary) and kindly decline passing my information onto the technology drone that might steal my identity or send me outragous mail. This practice is not enough anymore as those drones are becoming more creative and persuasive in their skeeming ways. I contradict myself: I guard my heart with new people, but I give out my personal info to a stranger...??? I know what you are thinking and you have every right. Now, let me explain this rather embarrassing and almost life-shattering lapse.

I actually have no idea how life-shattering this could have turned out, but I am going to just assume the worst becase we already know I'm an ass.

"I need tutor for my son of seven in English language..." blah blah blah. I skim over this ad on the now tainted craigslist and quickly resond, desperate for some part-time something. I suppose that is the bottom line--I was desperate. And I digress...within 24 hours I received an e-mail stating in great detail how a "father" in Denmark needs a tutor for his "son" that he is sending to the states for a month. He said he would pay $50/hr and to send him what I think the total would be for a month. Skiping all the boreing details, I was FedXed a check two days ago for $3500 and was to wire or money gram the remaining $2900 to Marva McGibbon in Florida. My husband and I quickly got over our excitement when we took the check to the bank and had them verify that yes, it was in fact a fraudulent check. Of course, before I had received the check I had a few e-mail conversations with the "father" that seemed convincing enough and so much so that I had given him too much information--until I found an identical ad for someone's son in Austrailia the night I received the check. Wow. I was scammed. And here I was thinking all along that I was doing the right thing in withholding my information out in the public. For one minor second, I forgot that the internet is as pubilc as it gets.

At the very least, my husband and I learned a VERY big lesson within the first month of our marriage. I know this is happening to people all over the world as I write and hope that those under the sound of my typing can learn something as well before the pigs get dirty and start enjoying it.

(please, eat my cliches and enjoy it)

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