Friday, September 12, 2008

>36 days

>we have been married for 36 days now and it feels like 36 months. i think when that feeling of comfort and permanence is finally real, time stretches at the seams. this whole married thing is quite fitting for both of us. unlike myself, brendan has been living on his own for several years. i did the on-my-own-thing and found it is much cheaper to eat out of my parents fridge. it is a different feeling when you have to fill your own fridge. brendan was never good at that when he was by himself. he got by on cans of soup and frozen pizzas. now that he has a women in the house, his has graduated to home-made pizzas and mmm mmm good spaghetti. i, however, digressed into the current food rut from having a home-cooked meal nearly every night. needless to say, it sucks not having the money to buy the food to make gourmet stuff that i can brag about at work. not yet.

i do laundry twice a week. and not just one load, two and sometimes three if i do towels and sheets. i just can't stand the hamper overflowing. i let it top off and then into the wash it goes. brendan, on the other hand, would wear every garment once, maybe twice before considering doing the laundry. getting it done is not the hard part--putting it all away is. i already feel like i accomplished something when the hamper is empty, but quickly remember that only half the job is done. i am sure everyone feels this way, i am just getting used to doing it for two people. with my job, i don't even wear normal clothes everyday and the laundry is still full three days in because brendan might wear two outfits in one day (work-play). i used to be able to go two weeks before doing laundry for myself and only having one load of darks and one load of whites. when we have children, i know it will get three times as bad as it is now. and i did not say having children is bad--i want one, or two.

we have to share the remote. this does not seem to be too bad, especially on the days when i work all day and brendan works at night and he can watch ESPN while i am gone. then i have time for gossip girl and the hills and brendan's arguing ground hardly exists. i don't mind watching the rockies, except this time last year was way more fun. i also don't mind south park and the simpsons. but anything i like (gossip girl, the hills, AMNTM, reality tv anything...) he whines and whimpers for me to change the channel. sometimes i do, sometimes i don't. i love you, by the way. don't worry.

the best part about being married, so far anyway, is knowing that i have somewhere and someone to go home to. i know when i will be sleeping, sometimes what i might eat, who will greet me (along with butte and tulo), and what i will do the moment i get home (take a shower! make love! watch oprah! take the dogs to the dog park!) whatever it might be, it is home. brendan is my home. we are amazing together. i think i will post our vows we wrote next time. we are both very proud of our knack for words, especially in a moment like our wedding.

love easy.

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