Thursday, December 12, 2013

currently...I'm going to complain a lot

I am currently...


Buying...craft supplies and nothing else.

Forgetting...what feeling rested feels like.

Drinking...everyone else under the table...I mean I wish I was drinking everyone under the table. two sale days this weekend. Hoping selling some headbands and making some extra money and doing what I really love with my girl on my hip will cheer me up.

Ohhhh so you want to know why I'm Mr. Grinch? Well I will tell you why.

Everything going on right now is pretty shitty. We are super tight on money, hence making some extra would be nice. I am dealing with occipital neuropathy, where the nerves at the base of my skull are causing a tremendous amount of pain and numbness on the right side of my face, jaw and inner ear. It sucks.

Then there's my precious little love Evie who just will.not.sleep. At all. She goes maybe 45-90 mins at night without fussing, then needs to nurse, then cries out because she's cutting her top two teeth, then cries because she just wants to be held, and cries because she....just cries. I'm not sleeping so that is just making me a big fat, sobby cranky mess.

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  1. Sleep deprivation makes everything seem a hundred times worse. I hope that once Evie's teeth come through, she might sleep for some longer stretches and you will get the rest you need too. Hang in there, mama.


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