Tuesday, December 10, 2013

bad blogger/6 months

I'm a bad blogger and it is all because I get next to no sleep almost every single night. Then I go to work, do school work, come home and just about collapse as I say goodnight to my little man, nurse my babe and try to hang out with B without falling asleep!

It's not THAT bad every single day, but I have a baby who would much rather not sleep. She wakes up every 2 hours...sometimes more than that and rarely less. I think her longest stretch has been 3 hours and that is usually in the very wee hours of the morning. Regardless, I'm exhausted. And so writing is exhausting. But the term is over so I am going to try to spend more time here updating.

Evie will be 7 months old in 10 days so I think it's time for her 6 month update!


  • 26 1/2 inches tall (28%)
  • 13.12 pounds (8%) Teeny little peanut!!
  • 2 teeth (bottom)
  • Lighter center color to her beautiful blue eyes
  • Sitting up
  • Says "Mamamama"
  • Tasting solids every so often

  • Being held
  • Being awake
  • Dancing
  • Eating her toes
  • Bath time
  • Nursing and playing with my hair
  • Playing with Logan
  • Getting kisses from the dogs
  • Watching Logan play with the dogs
  • Watching the dogs run around
  • Her daddy (can you say SMITTIN?!)

  • Sleeping
  • Being put into her car seat, but likes car rides
  • Laying on her tummy
  • Having anything put into her mouth for her (spoons, medicine, fingers...lol)
  • When we leave the room
  • Rolling over...she's just not into it
Fun stuff:
  • She took her first plane ride over Thanksgiving to Michigan where she also had her first ride in an RV, learned to sit up alone, and tried some mashed potatoes and turkey
  • She loves wearing headbands
  • She learned to like sleeping on me face down after spending a lot of time in the Boba

  • Her best friend is Logan
  • Her favorite toy is a tie between a pink stuffed giraff with huge eyes or her little book of babies. Oh and anything with a tag on it.

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