Monday, April 23, 2012

fancy deviled eggs {easter}

Ironic as this might sound, I am not crazy about dyeing Easter eggs. I enjoyed it as a child, but now I feel it more of a pain in the arse to set everything up, dye the eggs, wait for the perfect color, let them dry and then clean up. OH and then try to get all those purple and blue stains off of the counter. Yeah

BUT. This year was different. And I'm pretty sure next year will be even better. Logan was not totally interested in the whole process, but he did enjoy putting the stickers all over his face and every other surface in the kitchen.

This year...I invited friends over and volunteered to bring in an Easter treat for work.

I LOVE love LOVE deviled eggs. I could eat them everyday. And what better treat for a large group of people! I found an idea on pinterest in which you dye the egg after you shell it and out comes pretty little deviled eggs.

I mixed the yolk in with some mayo and a dash of spicy mustard, salt and pepper. And for the first time ever, I packed the mix into a baggie, cut the tip off and made filling the eggs so much easier!

And alas, I present to you my very pretty Easter Deviled Eggs! They were a hit at work and very tasty. Some may wonder about tasting the vinegar from the dye and I couldn't tell. A few others could but that did not stop anyone from eating them up.

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